Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Google Launches Trusted Store Program

For qualifying Trusted Store retailers must apply and voluntarily provide a range of data to Google. Google believes that the data is more reliable than consumer’s surveys, as they are getting them directly from online retailers.

The badge will show up like a small image or mockup and if the customer mouse over to it, they will see the grades for shipping and customer services in that mouse over. Remember Google Trusted Stores badge will be awarded to those stores which have a proven track record of reliable, timely shipping services and good customer services. On this badge customer can get all the details regarding services of that particular store like- average days to shipping, percentage of shipped products, customer services grade etc.

The most important feature of Google trusted store is that, if however you had a any issues regarding the product you purchased, then you can directly give a call to Google and they will look into your issue

And if you are thinking about Google will link this to its Adwords, let me tell you for time being there is o such plan by Google. Google says first we I’ll look to the progress only then we can think about it.

For Full Story visit http://www.google.com/trustedstores/

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